Brand: Aleta Kids

Sanded European beechwood is used to ensure they are safe for children. Burnishes have not been used, but you could apply any natural oil or beeswax from time to time if a more standard finish is desired. Please note wood have different hues so sometimes the color may differ slightly from the one on the image

Made in Spain

To clean, use a damp cloth to wipe the toy. It is not advisable to run any wooden toy under water.

The toy is composed of 11 pieces of 60mm (2.36”) width, 9mm (0.35”) thickness and heights from 10mm (0.39”) to 100mm (3.93”). It comes with two cotton laces, one yard long (90cm) in natural color. The whole set is conveniently packed in a cotton bag for easy carrying.

Weight 300 g

Aleta Kids


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